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About us

Arona Homes is nothing like real estate agencies to which you are accustomed. We believe in the importance of technical knowledge, “out-of-the-box” thinking, creative mind and the use of modern technology. These days, those things are what make us stand out from the crowd. All members of our team are professionals, who are fully informed and react quickly to market changes. We never promise things we cannot fulfill!


At the time of the sale, the most important thing is transparency. Arona Homes maintain the highest standards of management. We believe that for many people buying or selling a property is one of the most important and crucial moments of their life.


To successfully carry out buying and selling, we have to care about all the details from the very beginning. The usual method of work for Arona Homes is the individual approach to each property and client, by custom sales agreement. Therefore, we demand the documentation of the property, as well as a copy of the identity card or the passport of the owner, utility bills, copies of IBI receipts, etc. On the basis of this information, we can complete the story of the house for the buyer, avoiding any possible problem in the future. In the case of complications our professionals are willing to solve the issues in time.


Arona Homes fees depend on the type of agreement with the property owner. In the case of a claim without an exclusive deal, the real estate agency charges a 5% commission of the price.


Because of our usage of modern technologies, for example to create interactive virtual tours, those people who only want to check out your property will not bother you. Instead, we will provide you with only the best deals, because we value your time and privacy.


Since today 9 out of 10 people are using the Internet to search for a property, we have established a creative marketing strategy. Our angle is different than in other real estate agencies, which allows us to reach out to more potential customers. Arona Homes is involved in presentations of the property, including: beautiful full frame photos, 360° interactive virtual tours, indoor and outdoor video’s (filmed with a drone) and estate descriptions translated in several languages. Since our team is multilingual our website, www.aronahomes.com.es also comes in several languages, allowing people from all over the world to explore the property offers. Besides that we deal with valuations, mortgages, sales negotiations and even more.

We believe that responsibility in work and trust, are the two components of success!


Arona Homes

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