1. How is Arona Homes different to other estate agents?


Arona Homes is an innovative, forward thinking local estate agency – the very first of its kind in the Costa Blanca area. We differ to more traditional estate agents. Instead, we work on an innovative cloud-based platform, using the very latest technology and estate agency software that is developed especially for Arona Homes.


By having fewer overheads, we can afford to offer the lowest rates in the area. We operate on a transparent and contracted fee structure meaning our clients won’t get any surprises or misunderstandings at the final signing.


2. Are we very close to you?


YES! We know most homebuyers are now searching online for their next property – using portals or search websites, in fact 9 out of 10 homes are bought this way. Apart from the operation of a store, it seemed useless to establish and try to compete as a traditional real estate agent when most people prefer to search online. Having commercial space in the center of the old town of Calpe and many commercials in the Costa Blanca area, simply means that we can transmit our savings directly back to the client offering the best rates.


3. How much money can Arona Homes save me?


In terms of savings, we expect the buyer of an averaged priced house / apartment in Costa Blanca to save up to 10.000 euro. In fact, our property prices are lower compared to the other estate agents.


As for the seller’s viewpoint, thanks to our strategy we can sell the properties in a short amount of time.


4. How is Arona Homes different compared to an online estate agent?


Online agencies require you to do all the hard work, whereas Arona Homes does everything for you. We are a local (Moraira, Calpe, Benidorm, Alicante and even Moscow) based independent estate agent that provides a professional and a personal service. We offer everything you would expect from a traditional estate agent with even more marketing knowhow. We use real estate software and since we are a local agency, we visit you in our own comfort zone when you need us.


5. Why should we sell with Arona Homes?


We make your selling experience as simple as possible, which is why we do everything for you. Based on the lowest commission rates, our out-of-the-box marketing strategy and a fully professional presentation of your home you will save time and money. We take care of valuations, professional photography, 360° virtual tours, photo editing, translated descriptions, viewing arrangements, sales negotiations and much more. Our staff is a mix of marketing specialists, estate agents and professional photographers. Name an estate agent who can compete with that…


6. How fast I can sell my home with Arona Homes?


It all depends on your willingness to negotiate and the situation of your home. We will negotiate the strategy together and present you several solutions to get on the right track. We strongly recommend doing a valuation to sell your property within 6 expected months.


7. Buy a property in Spain can help me get Spanish residency?


Currently owning a property in Spain is one of the factors the department of Spanish immigration takes into account when considering applications for residency. There is a law of Spanish residence so that non-EU citizens who acquire a property in Spain get a permanent residence permit. Contact us for more info.


8. Are there any restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Spain?


No, there are no restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Spain, on the contrary, there are many administrative and tax benefits. Contact us for more info.



9. How long does the buying process in Spain?


The purchase process, from offer to end could be made in a few days up to a longer timeframe. It all depends on the collected-, approved documents and your mortgage.


10. Do I have to complete a lot of paperwork?


No. Our team of professionals will take care of everything, and you will be informed beginning to end.


11. Do I need a Spanish bank account?


Yes, also for reasons of efficiency it’s obligatory to open an account at a Spanish bank. We will help you with that so that this process will be done without any miscommunications.


Good thing to know is that you also will need a “NIE-number”. It’s a foreigner's Identification Number. All non-residents require a NIE.


You need to obtain this in person at the foreigners department at the National Police headquarters. We will assist you with the procedure. This number is required before the purchase of any property in Spain.


For more info read our buyer’s guide or contact us.


12. Are you a proper estate agent?


Absolutely. Although we may look fresh and different, we offer even a better service than you would expect in Spain. Besides, our listings are real, all our properties has been legally screened, controlled, verified and contracted.


We simply save you time and headache. If we promise to call back, we will call you back. Try us!


13. What other services do you provide?


We offer optional floor plans, 360° virtual tours to give the potential buyers a chance to view a property in a much better way than traditional photography.


Our properties are listed on national and international portals that we have selected with care.  This gives your listing a bigger online presence.


14. What are your opening times?


You might be surprised to learn that we offer much more flexible opening hours, to suit busy modern lifestyles and being based in Calpe, Moraira, Benidorm, Alicante and Moscow means that we are always around when you need us to be.


We open at 9am and are always ready to answer your calls or e-mails right up until 6pm on Monday to Fridays!





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